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Hi – Andrew here. A little about my life as an Isle of Wight Photographer.
Self-taught from the age of 12, I progressed from a SLR (Canon AE-1 Program) progressing through various 35mm film cameras including the Canon T90 and Nikon F4S and through to my final film camera the Canon EOS-1N HS for 35mm film photography), then working my way up to medium format film photography (Hasselblad 501CM, 503CXi from the Hasselblad 500 series of medium format film cameras, along with the medium format 6×7 Mamiya RZ II Pro),

Then moving to DSLR, I got the Canon EOS-1D Mark II and Nikon D500 and with mirrorless digital cameras the Fujifilm X-T2, Fujifilm X-T3, Fujfilm X-H1.

Most recently I have moved to the Nikon Z9 (two bodies) and an assortment of Nikkor Z lenses, which I intend to continually build into the future, investing in the Nikon Z mirrorless system.

I’ve covered weddings, sports events (covering a wide range of sport – rugby, football, cycling, running etc.), created beautiful portraits (people and dogs), as well as landscape and commercial/advertising photography.

I’m a self-confessed perfectionist (which is good and bad), but my aim is always to create great images, not average images.

And I’m a bloody good photographer and I’m probably one of the best sport photographers on the Isle of Wight; capturing images that I’m very pleased to be able to create in my life as a photographer and images the recipient’s treasure for years to come.

I love photography and have done for years.

History of my photography

With a wealth of photography experience, covering wedding photography, sport photography, events, portraits, landscapes and seascapes, along with advertising and commercial photography.

With my background and experience of film photography and darkroom techniques for black and white printing , I’ve transferred these dark room printing skills and knowledge into the digital domain of image editing and processing.

An understanding of selenium and other darkroom print processing is invaluable when transferring and understanding these in digital image processing.

Progressing through film photography, through to digital, using some of the finest cameras available.

I have a rolling enhanced DBS account, which can be shared with organisations that may wish to see if for screening purposes.

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