Sport Image Subscription FAQs

Sport Image Subscription FAQs

To answer some of the frequently asked questions about image subscriptions follow:

I’d love to have a professional sport photographer take my photo of me playing my sport – is this possible?

Yes most definitely that is possible with a sport image subscription it will mean that I, a professional sport photographer, will attend matches/games/events/competitions/tournaments as part of a subscription and create great images of you.

That’s pretty special and cool right?

You get superb, quality images to keep (with the included personal image use licence) from one of the best Isle of Wight sport photographers and I assure you, you will treasure getting these when you are older and no longer playing.

In reality, few people/players in lower leagues of sport get this opportunity.

So like my favourite pro rugby or football players, I get to be photographed by a professional sport photographer?

Yes that’s correct – you’ll get amazing, creative images that you can share and/or print. Some truly special images to have and keep, as a record of you playing your sport/s.

How do I sign-up to start a sport image subscription?

You can sign-up for a Sport Image Subscription here.

With sport image subscriptions available from £6.66* per month (*paid quarterly, with a quarterly sport image subscription – one image per month)/

Alternatively, from £8.99 there is the option of a Pay Monthly Quarterly Sport Image Subscription

There are options for monthly sport image subsription or quarterly sport image subscriptions, of one, two or three images delivered according to the subscription package selected.

How are the images taken? Does the photographer attend games?

As the photographer I will be in touch with you via email or email, to find out when you are playing your sport (fixture date, time and venue), and then once finalised I will attend the fixture/game/match/event/tournament.

My focus will be on capturing images of you playing your chosen sport.

Images taken are then subsequently delivered as per your chosen sport image subscription package.

I may attend more than one fixture/game/match/event/tournament in any season to obtain the great images I am after to deliver to you.

Do you cover mainland fixtures/games/matches/competitions/tournaments?

Yes, by prior arrangement and discussion then this is possible.

Charges may be applicable for travel costs/expenses, although these can be reduced or eliminated where there is the option to travel with the player/team/individual athlete.

This is certainly something you can request during your subscription and I am happy to discuss to finalise.

What if I play/take part in more than one sport?

There is the option for a primary and secondary sport as part of the Sport Image Subscription Sign-up, which will allow you to tell me of your primary and secondary sports.

So for example, if you play rugby during the autumn/winter/spring months, and cricket during the summer, I would be able to cover both and deliver images of you playing both sports during a season, as part of your chosen sport image subscription.

How many games/matches/events/competitions will you follow?

This is very much led by the demand and package selected.

For an individual I would aim to usually cover one or two games in a season to fulfill the sport image subscription package.

For teams, or where there are 12 or more players within a team/club that have signed-up to a sport image subscription, then I would cover more games/matches within a season.

For individual athletes, I would aim to cover 2 or more events/competitions within a subscription period.

It depends on the sport image subscription package chosen, along with whether a single player, athlete, or team/club.

As an example, for a single player/athlete, it would probably be 2 or more fixtures/games within a season. Sometimes, more but it very much depends on the weather, other conditions and whether a player actually plays at an fixture I attend (in the latter circumstance, I would attend the next fixture where possible).

I may attend more than the above example, but this depends on the factors of weather, along with the demands.

Where many players subscribe to a sport image subscription within a team/club, then so I would attend more fixtures/matches etc..

Do you cover mainland UK games/matches/events/competitions/tournaments?

Yes, this is certainly possible, with discussion to arrange.

Travel and other costs may be payable, but these can be reduced or eliminated where I can travel with the player/athlete/team/club.

I am more than happy to discuss, and in theory willing to travel UK wide or even further afield where requested.

As a subscriber you can always get in touch to request and discuss further to finalise details.

How often do I get images?

Images are delivered as per your chosen sport image subscription:

Monthly Sport Image Subscription – with options for one, two or three images per month, from £19.99 per month

Quarterly Sport Image Subscription – with options for one, two or three images per month, from £19.99 per quarter

Pay Monthly Quarterly Sport Image Subscription – with options for one, two or three images per month, from £8.99 per quarter

Prices correct as at December 2023

Woh, those sport image subscription packages seem expensive!

Well they’re not really when you consider a professional photographer will be following you during a season, to cover a game or more of you playing your chosen sport/s. You’re effectively hiring a professional photographer to cover your chosen sport during your subscription period.

Remember, the photographer is often at a game of approximately 90 minutes plus travel time (then there’s camera equipment, image editing/processing software, computer, storage (100-200GB plus per game) etc. – the list of expenses is long).

Then he has to store and edit/process the images, to select those for your subscription.

Images are not free to create. There are high costs involved with freelance professional sports photography:

Cameras and lenses, memory cards, image storage, editing software, plus the skill, experience and time of the professional photographer (at the fixtures/games and for the image editing/processing) to create the great images of you playing your sport. Not least travel as well to add to the list.

It’s a pretty special opportunity to have a professional photographer attending your games photographing you to create great images, that you’ll be able to keep, share and print – you’ll cherish these when you are old and no longer playing.

Is there a discount where a team sign-up for a sport image subscription?

Yes most definitely, the is a discounted team image subscription, offering 25% off.

For the discount to apply, 12 or more players must subscribe and maintain their subscription for the discount to be applied to all team members.

If your team are interested then head to the discounted team sport image subscription sign-up

Does a sport image subscription include any payment fees?

Yes, the payment fees for the direct debit are inclusive (ie absorbed by the photographer, Andrew).

The direct debit is managed via a payment processor called Go Cardless.

The Go Cardless fees are currently 1% plus 20p per transaction (as at September 2023).

You are not charged for these on top on your sport subscription payments.

Can I purchase additional images during my subscription?

Yes you have the option to request additional images of you during your subscription period.

As a sport image subscriber these will be at a discounted rate from the standard personal image rate of £54.99 per image.

What if I’m injured for a period and cannot play?

If you are injured for a period of time and cannot play, then images can continue to be delivered to you as part of your sport image subscription.

Images from the Isle of Wight Sport Photos Archive are also included in a sport image subscription plan, so these can be delivered to you as part of your subscription whilst you cannot play or take part in your sport.

If there were not any images of you on file for any reason, then the delivery of your images in your sports image subscription plan would be caught up and delivered in succession once you start playing again.

What if there’s a gap in fixtures or very bad weather?

If there is a gap in fixtures that means I, as the photographer, cannot attend, then I will aim to attend a fixture as soon as practical within a period.

Similarly, if there is very bad weather that prevents me taking photos during a planned fixture, then I will aim to cover a game within a few weeks.

This may mean a slight delay to the images delivered for a particular month/quarter, but only so that I can catch up.

What if I don’t want a sport image subscription, but I’ve seen an image of me taken by Andrew Cooper Photography that I would like to purchase as a digital download?

Individual sport images, with a personal use image licence (for personal sharing/printing), are available as high-resolution files from £54.99***.

You would need to get in touch here to discuss the purchase of any single image.

***Price correct as at September 2023. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Why aren’t the images published online in a gallery for me to see them?

Unfortunately, history has shown with thousands of images published online in the past for island clubs, that images are stolen (with screen grabs/right clicking images) and then using/publishing online, often without even a credit/link out, which is totally unacceptable. This is also breaching image copyright.

Such is the amount of time it takes to create and edit high-quality sport photojournalist images, along with the ongoing investment in camera equipment, computer, software and ongoing image storage requirements, I no longer have the time to provide images free to view or free to use.

Quite simply, a like and a share does not pay the bills.

An investment in me by purchasing images is a pledge to show you value me, my approach to well-produced sport images, as well as gaining my coverage of your sport and sport photo journalism.

Additionally, images have also been used by others to create derivative work (using my images without permission and is also breaching image copyright and the image is not licenced for this purpose. The ‘artist’ also did not credit nor link out the source of the image to create the derivative work, which is also breaching image copyright.

All these factors are unfair towards the creator of the images, me as the sport photographer, and has has meant the sport photography has previously not been sustainable; likes, clicks and shares does not pay my bills or contribute to the ongoing costs of the sports photography.

So regretably sport images will no longer be published online in galleries, free of charge – for all of the reasons above.

Can you adhoc turn-up/attend games/matches with the prospect of maybe players buying images of them?

Unfortunately, this has not proved workable. Taking the sport images takes time, both during the game, as well as hours of editing/processing.

Taking the sport images also creates huge demand for storage resources, with many gigabytes of images requiring storage.

So I have little interest in taking the time (2-3 hours attending a game) and then the 4 plus hours of editing on a prospective basis.

Demand will now dictate where I attend games/matches from the demand of players signing-up for sport image subscriptions.

I will follow the players/clubs where there are subscribers. I may choose to attend games, but the images will not be put online; only sport image subscribers will get to see and own the images via their subscription and their personal image licence.

Do I get to preview images?

No. Images are not available to preview, as unfortunately it has been shown that as soon as an image put online (with or without a watermark) it is then downloaded or screen-grabbed and shared online and used without permission, often without even a credit. This is unacceptable and does not make the sport photography sustainable. This is also breaching image copyright.

Also, the process, time and resources for proofing images to be selected for a sport image subscription is too time consuming to make the subscriptions economical.

Trust me, you will be receiving great quality sport images of you playing your chosen sports.

Do I have to credit when publishing/posting images online or on other media?

Yes you must credit and link back to Andrew Cooper Photography, as this is part of the sport image subscription terms and conditions

So you must credit and link back to Andrew Cooper Photography on whatever platform/social media/media where you are publishing the image.

You cannot share them with your club – nor are your club able to use them without prior permission and an appropriate image use licence and agreement.

How are the images delivered to me?

All sport image subscription packages are delivered via an image delivery system, according to your chosen sport image subscription package.

Usually, images are delivered within 14-21 days of your image subscription payment (often sooner), but this may be varied if I have not been able to take any images of you at that time (I will keep in contact with you about this to arrange to attend a sport fixture or event where you are playing).

There may be delays during holiday periods, but you will be kept updated during your subscription period.

How many games, matches or event do you cover for the images?

I will attend one or more matches or games in a season to take the images of you. Whilst I may attend more than one fixture/event/game/match/tournament, this is entirely at my discretion to complete the taking of images of you.

What if you attend a fixture/event/game and I don’t play or the fixture is cancelled at short notice?

Where I attend a fixture/event/game/match/tournament and you do not play, I will try to attend a further fixture/event/game/match/tournament as soon as possible thereafter. This may affect timely delivery of the images as part of your subscription, but you will always receive the total number of images as per your subscription package within the 12 month period of your subscription (you just may not receive them at/one each payment, due to the nature of you not playing a fixture I attend or fixture cancellations etc..). There will be ongoing communication with you by me, via WhatsApp, text or email.

Can I request specific images I have seen of me?

If you have seen a printed image of yourself then you can sent a screen grab/photo of the printed image; this can then be supplied to you as part of your subscription.

This includes images in the Isle of Wight Sport Photos archive, so covers back to 2004 with thousands of sport images in the archive.

Can I request specific images to be taken; I able to request team photos, photos of others and photos during warm-ups/after game?

No, the images as part of a sport image subscription are only of individual subscribers.

The images taken and supplied as part of a particular individual (ie the subscriber as on sign-up to the sport image subscription) and that individual is primarily photographed during a subscription period, with images supplied of the subscriber/individual.

There is a healthy Team Discount for Monthly Sport Image Subscription where 12 or more players in a team sign-up for a subscription.

Digital files as part of a sport image subscription – image use

Digital files supplied as part of a sport image subscription are for PERSONAL and social media use. You cannot do anything else with the pictures ever. Zero club use. Zero sale or resale. Zero products/merchandise. Zero derivative/AI use. Zero brand use. Zero advertising use. Zero business use. Zero sponsorship use. Nothing that isn’t listed above ever. All these additional uses require a specific licence for use.

I would like a photobook or photo yearbook of the season for my club?

This can be arranged, but there would need to be sufficient demand (a minimum of 15 photobooks). The minimum quantity is to make the photobook design/creation and printing viable.

I would need to know this at the start of the season to plan accordingly.

The price would be confirmed upon receipt of the enquiry and request for a photo yearbook.

Can I use the images for sharing on my social media?

Yes as part of your personal use image licence, the images you receive as part of your sport image subscription you are licenced to share them on your personal social media.

As part of your sport image subscription terms and conditions you must credit and link back to Andrew Cooper Photography on whatever platform/social media/media where you are publishing the image.

You cannot share them with your club – nor are your club able to use them without prior permission and an appropriate image use licence and agreement.

Can I use the images for printing?

Yes, I actively encourage you to print some of the images, as this is included as part of your personal use image licence; they will look superb printed, and seen larger than a small mobile phone screen.

Where you need assistance with printing the image/s then I can help if you wish and get superb quality prints.

Remember, you cannot use the images to create prints to sell to others or make any merchandise/products (cushions, mugs etc.) to sell or sell on any marketplaces (ie Etsy, Ebay etc.).

Can I print the images as an photobook?

Yes you can use the images to create an album or photobook.

The images supplied as part of the sport image subscription are high-resolution, so suitable for a photobook.

However, you cannot create photobooks to sell to others, or sell on any marketplaces (ie Etsy, Ebay etc.).

How do I know I am going to get quality images with a subscription if I cannot preview to select them?

As one of the foremost and best sport photographers on the Isle of Wight, I pride myself on creating great quality images, that are always in focus and tack sharp. You will not receive poor-quality images – out of focus, poorly composed or of generally poor quality.

I do not publish nor release any poor quality images; if during the editing/processing of the images from a game they do not meet the quality I seek, then the images are deleted.

Quite the opposite, with the sport images are of the highest quality, and I am sure you will agree are superb.

With 30 plus years of sport photography experience, you are getting a skilled, experienced, creative sport photographer following you to games and events, creating images of you or your team.

What if I do not like an image received?

There is no right to reject an image on the basis of style or composition.

As stated above, all images created and supplied with your image subscription are of the highest quality. As stated above, unfortunately, images cannot be previewed or selected, as they are simply copied or screen-grabbed and shared without permission, which makes the photography not sustainable.

How do I know I am going to get quality images with a subscription if I cannot preview to select them?

I pride myself on creating great quality images, that are always in focus and tack sharp. You will not receive poor-quality images.

Are there terms and conditions for the sport image subscriptions?

Yes – the sport image subscription terms and conditions are here.

General terms and conditions are here.

What if I change/move clubs during a season?

That’s not a problem – just contact me to update the details of the club and league so I’m aware of the change.

Can I use an image where I ask someone else to create further work from it?

No. This is termed derivative work, where an image is used as the basis of creating other work. Where you wish to have someone else create work based on an image created then you would need a separate licence for derivative work (at an additional charge – details upon request).

Where derivative work is discovered of images both you and the creator are liable for copyright infringement (as an artist the derivative artwork creator should make sure the images is licenced for such derivative work use before creation of his/her work) and associated claims for copyright infringement.

Are there annual sports image subscription price increases?

There are no set annual prices increases. Whilst annually sports image subscription prices are reviewed, if prices are to change you would contacted prior to the increase, with the option to accept or decline the change of pricing; where you choose to decline your subscription would be ended, without penalty.

Subscription prices are not change within your first 12 month period; where sport image subscription prices have subsequently changed since you originally took out your subscription, and your subscription price is due be increased accordingly, but as stated above, you given the option to accept or decline the increase.

What if I wish to cancel my subscription?

You would need to get in touch here to cancel your subscription. A minimum of 30 days notice is required that you wish to cancel your subscription – this will be confirmed via email once your request to cancel has been received.

The minimum term for any subscription is 12 months from your first payment, so you will need to be out of your minimum subscription period to cancel.

Can I get a refund?

No, there is no right to reject any images or receive a refund, as the images are delivered in a digital format and instantly useable.

The distance selling regulations do not apply. This does not affect your statutory rights.

In the highly unlikely event that you receive a corrupted file (that you cannot open) then a replacement of the same image would be issued to you.

Last updated: December 2023

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