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Pay-to-view galleries are an option for certain expired or a series of images of an event in the online gallery at

£9.99 for 30 days access (per gallery).

Includes £5 discount via coupon code on gallery products.

Full details below. Please contact me if you need help or clarification.

How it works:

Please complete and submit the form below, with details of the event you are interested in.

You will receive a reply with confirmation the images are still available and directed to a form to make payment for the gallery to be put online (the pay-to-view gallery).

Once the form and payment has been received, you will be provided with a login to the private gallery, linked to your email address supplied at the time of payment, usually within 3 working days. The gallery will only be accessible via the email address on the form and a password (which will be provided to you via the email confirmation).

A pay-to-view gallery costs £9.99, with the images available for 30 days.

You can usually expect the requested gallery to be online and available within 7-10 working days of the request (sometimes sooner, but peak period delays may apply). Your 30 days will not commence until the gallery is made ‘live’ for you, when the email is sent to you to confirm.

You will also receive a coupon code for £5 credit to use against purchases of images or prints from the gallery. The coupon code last 30 days from the date the gallery is put online (as above you will be emailed the details).

The pay-to-view fees and associate coupon codes are non-refundable (if not used within the 30 days for the associated gallery), as the galleries are created/uploaded to order.

Images within galleries are watermarked, but digital downloads or prints are watermark free.

Watermarked gallery images must not be saved or shared.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Pay-To-View Gallery Request

Pay-To-View Gallery Request
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please provide information about the event, ie teams playing etc.