Photography of East Cowes Vics AFC Development 4-0 Liss Athletic FC Development 16 September 2023

Photography of East Cowes Vics AFC Development 4-0 Liss Athletic FC Development 16 September 2023

I was delighted to be able to attend the recent game between Images of East Cowes Vics AFC Development v Liss Athletic FC Development, at Cowes Enterprise College astroturf on Saturday 16 September 2023.

This is a relatively new league, as the Hamphire Combination & Development Football League, being FA Accredited and Hampshire FA Affiliated, which was founded in 2019. These teams are playing in the Division One of the Hampshire Development League for the 2023-24 season.

It was a great game, between the two young sides of football players, with on the whole superb sportsmanship from all involved; with little to no swearing, which was refreshing.

Good football from both teams, with the final score 4-0 to East Cowes Vics AFC Development.

It was great weather for football photography, being bright but not too sunny; so helping all round with high shutter speeds, lower ISOs and reduced harsh shadows.

I was testing the newly released and received Nikkor 180-600mm on it’s first ‘outing’, it having been delivered earlier in the week.

Coupled with the Nikon Z9 I think it will be a formidable combination for sport photography, whilst requiring generally good light due to the relatively low maximum aperture of 5.6-6.3.

There is still the need for many image editing software programmes to have the lens profiles released for this lens, to optimise image processing, but so far the images are looking great.

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