Team Discount for Monthly Sport Image Subscription

Team Discount: 25%

Would you love to have a professional sport photographer follow you/your team at various games during a season?

Do you want to regularly receive professional, high-quality images of you playing your favourite sports?

A discount of 25% is offered for teams where 12 or more players from the team sign-up to the discounted monthly team image subscription.

Whether rugby, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, horse riding, MMA, athletics, motocross, swimming or any other team sport played on the island as part of a team.

Isle of Wight freelance sports photojournalist Andrew Cooper is now offering the opportunity for discounted team sport image subscription of one high-resolution image per month (Individual players receive one high-resolution image per month).

There are limited spaces for sports image subscriptions in any season, so I provide good coverage of you.

Sign-up for a discounted team monthly sport image subscription here

Whilst I’m an Isle of Wight photographer, by prior arrangement mainland UK fixtures/games/events/tournaments can be covered (additional charges may apply for travel expenses – unless travelling with the team/sportsperson).

Digital files supplied as part of a sport image subscription are for PERSONAL and social media use. You cannot do anything else with the pictures ever. Zero club use. Zero sale or resale. Zero products/merchandise. Zero derivative/AI use. Zero brand use. Zero advertising use. Zero business use. Zero sponsorship use. Nothing that isn’t listed above ever. All these additional uses require a specific licence for use.

More information: Sport Image Subscriptions FAQs

save 25 percent with a team discount on image subscription from Andrew Cooper Photography
Save 25 percent with a team discount on image subscription from Andrew Cooper Photography

Wondering if you may have been photographed playing your sport?

Please see the Isle of Wight Sport Photos Archive.

Prices correct as at December 2023. Prices subject to change without prior notice.



£14.99 / mo


Professional Sport Images

ONE High Resolution Image per month

A Personal Use Image Licence

Suitable for online sharing/print

300 dpi images

Professional Photographer creating the images

Special Offers for Subscribers


Please note: All image subscriptions are for a minimum of 12 months from the date of sign-up and your first payment.

All players must subscribe to the monthly (one, two or three) image package, with a minimum of 12 players from the team/club subscribing. Where the number of players drops to below 12 players, then each subscriber will revert to the standard monthly subscription rates.

High Quality Sports Image Subscription – Monthly

Great quality professional images

Delivered straight to your inbox for download

Each download is usually delivered within 14-21 working days of the direct debit payment**

Delivery if via a file transfer service, as digital image files.

From £6.66* per month (*paid quarterly, with a quarterly sport image subscription – one image per quarter)

More information: Sport Image Subscriptions FAQs


You have the option to order regular delivery of professional sports images, of you competing in your chosen sport, and for these great sports images to be delivered to you, with a personal use licence (for personal sharing online and personal use printing).

  • The minimum subscription period is 12 months; with 30 days notice period that you wish to cancel thereafter.

There are limited spaces for sports image subscriptions, to provide good coverage of you during your sport season.

** subject to peak or holiday period delays; often images will be delivered within 7 working days.

All sport image subscriptions are subject to the general terms and conditions and the sport image subscription terms and conditions. By taking out a subscription you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, along with the associated personal image use.

More information: Sport Image Subscriptions FAQs

If you’ve seen an image of you and wish to purchase a single sport image, with a personal use image licence, then more details are here.

I reserve the right to alter or amend any products or services as part of the sport image subscriptions, without prior notice. As such, all sport image subscription packages evolve over a period of time to improve or adapt the included products and offers, so are subject to change or variation without prior notice. Any current subscribers affected by any changes to sport image subscription packages/plans will be notified, including options available to them.

Reach out to me today if you have any questions

Andrew Cooper Photography