Sport Images for Club Match Reports

Sport Images for Club Match Reports

Why is there a charge for clubs to use images?

Like any other professional service a club may use (plumber, electrician, coach, physiotherapist, caterer, marquee hire, DJ/band, gym instructor/personal trader etc.) the creation of high-quality sports images is a trade for which the services are chargeable.

In the case of ‘services’ that generally means the use of images.

The charges for images are based upon:

  • The skill, experience and knowledge of the photographer to capture the high-quality sport images
  • Post processing and image editing time
  • Professional cameras and lenses
  • Image editing computer and software
  • Image storage (terrabytes per season)
  • Travel time and costs
  • along with the other costs associated with running a small business.

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Where you are a sport club and you wish to use an image or images for publication, press/media, publicity or marketing and club social media, then you need to apply for an applicable image use licence.

As with any other professional service the club may use, a club image use licence is chargeable, with my professional sport images from £19.99 for low resolution (supplied with a watermark for social media and online press use) or £64.99* per image for a single use, single publication perpetual licence, supplied as high-resolution image file/s.

Sport Image Fees (per image):

Low resolution (with watermark) for social media and online press use: from £19.99 per images

High resolution (without watermark) for media and press print use: from £64.99 per image

Discounts are available for multiple images on the same application.

Fees are scaled accordingly to intended use (what media/channels/publications) and the resolution required.

Complete the form below to request a quote. On acceptance of the quote the club will be invoiced accordingly.

Regardless of the licence type, copyright in an image is not assigned to the licencee, unless by prior written agreement and appropriate fee.

Copyright and ownership of an image at all times is retained by the photographer (Andrew Cooper) at all times, throughout the world. Moral Rights Asserted. All rights are reserved.

*Prices are correct as at October 2023. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Image Credit on Publication – whether online or in print

You must ensure a credit and link to Andrew Cooper Photography is completed at each time of publication, as appropriate to the social media or press publication and linked accordingly.

Where you wish to use across social media, press and other channels then the licence cost will reflect this.

They are not for use in derivative works by others – graphic design, manipulation or AI without prior permission and an applicable derivative/AI licence. Please get in touch if you require images for these purposes.

Any images subsequently issued will be subject to an image use licence and agreement.

Please note: this quote is for club use only of the image/s requested to accompany match reports.

Where you wish to use images for generally for publicity or sponsors to use please see Sport Images for Club use for Publicity and Marketing.

Commercial use for publication, publicity, advertising, merchandising and marketing by companies. businesses, organisations or sponsors is a separate licence and application.

Sport image use for Club Match Reports

The club image use licence is charged following the above application depending on:

  1. How many club media channels, press etc you intend to use the image for.
  2. How many images you are requesting at the time of the application.
  3. What press/media you intend to send the image/s to for use
  4. Whether local or national media.
  5. Low or high resolution images

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